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Outdoor classroom, a free space for thought & observation garden.

The outdoor classroom is an initiative of Barbara Oomen, co-designed by Sophie Krier en Henriëtte Waal and supported by University College Roosevelt and the Municipality of Middelburg in the context of 800 Years of Middelburg, with help of many donors through the crowdfunding platform Geef Onderwijs. The project was made possible by a coaching trajectory of the Province of Zeeland in collaboration with Douw & Koren and the cooperation of Zeeuws Hout, Shipyard Arnemuiden / Stichting Behoud Hoogaars and metal company Minderhout-Schipper from Arnestein.

The outdoor classroom is part of the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of fellow townsman, fine painter and insect expert Johannes Goedaert (1617-1668), an initiative of Kees Beaart (Goedaert Collection). Sophie Krier previously curated the exhibition Uyt Eygen Ervarendtheyd about what we can learn from Goedaert, at the invitation of the Zeeuws Museum and in collaboration with Manon Berendse. The Goedaert Gown and Metamorfoselokaal_Zakcatalogus were realised in hommage to Goedaert’s relentless curiosity.